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07-03-2018 French Residential Trip 2019 - Information Letter

Monday, 26th February 2018


Dear Parent/Carer,


At Whitehouse Community Primary School, we believe in a holistic approach to learning and are keen to provide pupils with a range of extra-curricular educational opportunities.


With this view in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new Residential Trip to the Opal Coast, a few miles away from the delightful town of Boulogne s/mer in France.


The trip is open to all our current Year 5 pupils and will take place in the next academic year from Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th June 2019. Its aim is to promote cultural awareness and provide the opportunity for children to gain first-hand experience of a foreign language and culture.


Please note that, even if the trip is being newly introduced to Whitehouse, it follows a successful formula which I have personally developed, trialled and tested over the last 10 years.


It is thought that the visit to France will enable our children to:

gain first-hand experience of the French culture

compare the daily life of a French and a British person

use language skills in a real context

tackle new challenges

develop social skills

become a more self-reliant and independent person


This trip is limited to 40 pupils. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, participants will be selected by a random lottery. Deposits for unsuccessful applications will be returned in due course.


The current Y5 cohort and its 4 accompanying adults are expected to leave Whitehouse Community Primary School at 6.00am on Tuesday 25th June 2019 to make its way to France by coach and ferry. It is anticipated that the party will stay at the Hôtel Peupleraie in the charming and typically French village of Nampont St Martin (



You will find attached the proposed itinerary for the trip. Please note, however, that the schedule of events as well as the timings may change according to providers’ availability, weather or any other circumstance beyond our control. We will always strive to replace an activity by another of a similar value. A final itinerary will be released once arrangements have been finalised.



To reduce costs to individual families who might not regularly travel abroad, it has been decided that all British pupils will be travelling on a collective passport, whose small cost has been incorporated into the trip’s budget.


With this in mind, could you please fill in and sign the enclosed National Questionnaire and Parental Consent form.


If your son/daughter is either a British citizen not born in the UK or is not a British citizen, please let the School Office or your class teacher know so that Mme Godet can advise you on the way forward.



Your child will need to be in possession of a valid European Health Card which replaces the old E111. This document is vital in ensuring that pupils get medical treatment whilst in France.


If you are not currently in possession of such a card, you will need to apply, free of charge, on the Internet site nearer the date. You will need to have the following information at hand: NHS or National Insurance Number, Surname/Family Name, Forenames and Date of Birth of applicant. Alternatively, you can pick up a form at the Post Office or call the automated service on 0300 3301350



You will need to ensure that members of staff are aware of any medical issues relating to your child and I would be grateful if you could write them down on the enclosed Parental Consent Form as well as indicate any medication taken, its dosage, frequency as well as at which time of the day it is to be administered.


Please also indicate any special diets/ allergies so that these can be forwarded to the hotel prior to the trip.



Pupils will be wearing their own clothing which should include comfortable footwear. Please find enclosed a recommended kit which you might find useful. The same dress code as might be appropriate in school on a non-uniform day will apply.


As British Ambassadors and representatives of Whitehouse Community Primary School, children will be expected to uphold the highest standards of behaviour at all times. This is also vital in ensuring their own safety and those of others around them. Failure to comply will lead to sanctions, which could include withdrawal from activities.


Moreover, the behaviour of all children registered to take part on the trip will be closely monitored throughout this and next academic year. The school reserves the right to withdraw, at any time prior to the trip, any child whose behaviour gives cause for concern and could therefore jeopardize their own safety and those of others whilst in France.



Please note that mobile phones ARE NOT ALLOWED on the trip.



It is anticipated that the texting system will used in case of emergency. Further details as to this and other emergency procedures will be released prior to departure.



The cost of the trip will be £300 per pupil – which covers all of the following. It is based on a minimum of 25 pupils attending.


  • Return travel by coach from Whitehouse Primary School to France including ferry
  • Use of our own personal coach driver throughout the trip
  • 3 night full board at a family hotel
  • All meals and drinks (water) throughout the trip including a meal out on the 2nd evening
  • Entrance fees for all of the planned activities
  • Money to spend at the Pâtisserie (bakery)
  • Collective Passport Application and comprehensive Public Liability insurance


We are keen for all children, whatever their circumstances, to have the opportunity to take part in this trip, so please, speak to Mrs Hall or your child’s class teacher in confidence if you are receiving benefits and think you might be eligible for part funding.



We would recommend no more that 20 Euros and £10 (to be spent on the ferry) pocket money. Please bring pocket money to school by 31st May 2019 in clearly labelled envelopes so that it can be allocated to pupils each day.



31st Mar 2018 £ 80 non refundable deposit to cover fixed transport costs

31st Jul 2018 £ 80

31st Dec 2018 £ 70

31st Mar 2019 £ 70


TOTAL £ 300



If you would like your son/daughter to participate, please submit the following to the office:

· non-refundable £80 deposit

· National Questionnaire for collective passport application

· standard Suffolk Parental Consent Form


in an envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name, class and “Opal Coast Trip 2019”. by Saturday 31st March 2018 at the latest.


  1. Godet is organising an Information Meeting for parents and pupils in Red Pandas’ class at 3.15pm on Thursday 22nd March during which you will have the opportunity to ask further general questions about the trip. We recommend that both you and your child attend.


Thank you in advance for supporting this initiative and looking forward to welcoming you to Whitehouse on 22nd March.


Yours sincerely,


Mme Godet

French Teacher – SMSC Coordinator



for the 2019 Opal Coast Trip



This is the proposed itinerary for our stay in France.


Tuesday 25th June 2019








Children arrive at Whitehouse Primary School

Party leaving school

Ferry crossing

Stopover at Le Touquet for beach games (depending on schedule)

Arrival at Hotel La Peupleraie (Nampont St Martin)

Early Dinner

Evening Entertainment: French pétanque at hotel



Wednesday 26th June 2019







Visit to Bee Museum Bouin Plumoison

Traditional French market, buying French picnic food to share – Berck s/mer

Picnic on the beach (Berck sur Mer)

Visit to Aquarium – Nausicaa - Boulogne

Visit to Auchan supermarket + Dinner at Flunch – Boulogne



Thursday 27th June 2019






Visit to a typical French town (Hesdin) to look at types of shops and use language skills in context (buying postcards, ordering food etc)

Visit to Snail Farm – near Hesdin

Swimming – Aquapark – Le Touquet

Formal Dinner at the hotel and Disco – Playlists to be provided by the children on a CD/memory stick




Friday 28th June 2019



Visit to Boulogne Old Town or supermarket visit (if schedule allows)

Arrival back at Whitehouse Community School – time to be confirmed nearer the date





For the 2019 Opal Coast Trip



The following items are recommended.



· A bag pack

· 2 separate purses/wallets – one for £ and one for Euros

· Plenty of fluid and food for the 1st day (no glass bottles please)

· Hat, sunglasses and sun cream

· Face clothes and toiletries (no spray please – asthma sufferers)

· European plug adaptor for pupil’s electrical equipment such as hair dryer/straightener (ensure that you purchase the correct adaptor with 3 pins inside and 2 pins outside).

· Lightweight weatherproof coat

· Fleece or jumper

· Trousers (in case of cold weather)

· Good walking shoes

· Swimming briefs for boys (Speedo type shorts or you will not be allowed to enter the water)

· one piece swimming costume for girls

· Bathing towel

· Carrier bags for shopping and dirty laundry

· Disposable cameras (should be labelled with child’s name)



It would be appreciated if clothing and disposable cameras

are marked with your child’s name.