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08-06-2018 French Residential Trip - More Info

Friday, 8th June 2018


Dear Parent/Carer,



I am delighted to inform that your son / daughter has been allocated a place on the French Residential Trip to the Opal Coast which is due to take place from Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th June 2019.



A copy of the final itinerary will be forwarded to parents nearer the time.



To reduce costs to individual families who might not regularly travel abroad, all children will travel on a Collective Passport which the school will apply for in February 2019.



Your child will need to be in possession of a valid European Health Card (EHIC) which replaces the old E111. This document is vital in ensuring that pupils are eligible for medical treatment whilst in France. If your child does not have an EHIC card you will need to apply, free of charge, on the Internet site You will need to have the following information at hand: NHS or National Insurance Number, Surname/Family Name, Forenames and Date of Birth of applicant. Alternatively, you can pick up a form at the Post Office or call the automated service on 0300 3301350



You will need to ensure that members of staff are aware of any medical issues and dietary requirements relating to your child and you will be requested to update your Parental Consent Form at the Safety Information Evening which will take place a month before departure.



Please note that mobile phones ARE NOT ALLOWED on the trip.



In case of emergency the texting system will used so please ensure we have up to date contact numbers for you.


The cost of the trip will be £300 per pupil as previously quoted. We are keen for all children, whatever their circumstances, to have the opportunity to take part in this trip, so please, speak to Mrs Hall or your child’s class teacher in confidence if you are receiving benefits and think you might be eligible for part funding.



We would recommend that no more than 20 Euros and £10 (to be spent on the ferry) pocket money. Please bring pocket money to school by 31st May 2019 in clearly labelled envelopes so that it can be allocated to pupils each day.



20th April 2018 £ 60 non refundable deposit to cover fixed transport costs

20th Jul 2018 £ 80

30th November 18 £ 80

31st Mar 2019 £ 80


TOTAL £ 300


We will be sending home a payment card with this letter.


May I also remind you that, as British Ambassadors and representatives of Whitehouse Community Primary School, children taking part in the Opal Coast Trip will be expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct at all times and that the behaviour of all participants will be closely monitored this academic year and next. With this in mind, the school reserves the right to withdraw, at any time between now and the date of departure, any children whose actions give cause for concern and could jeopardize their own safety and those of others whilst on the trip.


Please note that there will be a compulsory Safety Meeting a month before departure. If, in the meantime, you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Yours sincerely





Catherine Godet

French Teacher and Enrichment Coordinator