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13-11-2017 PSHE Curriculum Elf Day

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13th November 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,


FIND Christmas Gift Appeal and invitation to come and

work in Santa’s Workshop in the afternoon of Friday 1st December 2017


Maureen Reynel from the local foodbank visited our school at the end of September.    She met with the School Parliament and the School Prefects who presented her with your generous donations of food which were gratefully received.  

Children learnt how FIND helps around 2000 families in crisis around Ipswich.  They were delighted to hear how the charity brings a little happiness to local children in need at Christmas.  They decided that they would like Whitehouse families and staff to help Maureen this year by taking part in her charity’s Christmas Gift Appeal. 


Staff agreed that it would be great to work together as a school community to make a difference to local children this Christmas.  They also thought that the concept could be developed to enable children to gain a better understanding of money through a PSHE Curriculum Day on Friday 1st December 2017.  Please find below the arrangements for the day.


How will the day be organised?

Students will be working as elves in Santa’s Workshop throughout the day.  They will take part in a simulation game in the morning which will enable them to get a better understanding of money matters (how money is earned, how it is spent as well as how people might get into debts).  


In the afternoon parents/carers will come to school to work with their child to decorate a gift bag which will be used to host one of the Christmas gifts we will donate.


How will the school raise the money to buy the Christmas Gifts that they will donate to the charity?


The School Parliament is encouraging children to wear non-uniform for a £1.00 donation on Friday 1st December.  They think it would be lovely if pupils could come in character wearing a combination of festive “Elf” colours such as white, red and green.  Could parents/carers please NOT purchase ready-made elf costumes.   Examples on how to make elf hats out of card or paper can easily be found on the Internet.  

It would also be great if staff and parents/carers/other family members who visit in the afternoon could come in character although they will not be expected to make a donation unless they wish to.   Additional funds will also be raised through the optional purchase for £1 of the gift bag made in the afternoon by the family.


All the funds raised on the day will be used to purchase educational gifts
which children and their families will be involved in choosing at the end of the Curriculum Day.  


Arrangements for the Afternoon Workshop

Could Parents/Carers or other family members please carefully check times and ensure they use the correct school entrance?  Thank you. 


Class / Key Stage

Parents to enter school through:


Nursery AM



Nursery PM






Key Stage 1

Main Office


Key Stage 2

Waterford Road Entrance



It would be great if the adults could make little elves whose parents are unable to attend the event feel part of their elf family and if all the elves could assist teachers tidy the festive workshops at the end of the day.  Thank you.


We will require quite a lot of craft supplies for the day so please have a look in your cupboards/wardrobes for the following items which should be brought to your child’s class before 1st December: remnants of wallpaper or Christmas wrapping paper, ribbons including the 2 thin ones which can be found inside garments, wool and buttons.


Thank you so much in advance for helping Whitehouse pupils bring a little bit of festive joy to their local peers this Christmas.  

On behalf of the School Parliament



Mme Godet – SMSC Coordinator

Mrs Shalka – School Parliament

Mrs Wassermeyer – Assistant Head – Curriculum