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17-05-2018 Nursery Late Arrivals

17th May 2018


Nursery Late Arrivals


Dear Parents/Carers,


There have been a number of children attending Nursery rather late recently and this makes it very difficult for other children. They want to be playing outside in the lovely weather but are having to spend up to 30 minutes waiting as children arrive.


Therefore, we would like to remind you that morning Nursery begins at 8:30am and the gate will be closed at 8:45am. If you arrive after this time, please walk your child around to the main school office and they will bring your child down.


Similarly, if your child attends afternoon Nursery, this starts at 12:15pm and the gate will be closed at 12:30pm.


Please can you assist us by arriving promptly at Nursery start times and if your child is unwell and will not be attending please telephone the school office on (01473) 741249.


Thank you for your co-operation.


With regards



The EYFS Team