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We have been learning the story of Farmer Duck. The children have created their very own story maps. See if they can read the map to you?


Can you add your own detail?

Picture 1

We have been learning how to take notes. We having been writing non chronological reports about the animals in the Rainforest.


Can you read the facts and make notes of the important parts of the sentences?



Picture 1 Tigers are the largest wild cats in the world.
Picture 2 Orangutans mainly eat fruit and golden honey.
Picture 3 Proboscis Monkeys are surprisingly good swimmers.

We have been learning about the features in a non-chronological report.


Can you explain to your parents what each feature is for?

Picture 1

We have been learning the story of Dick Whittington.


Why not have a go at reading our story map. Try reading it to mum and dad or someone in your house. Remember to add your wonderful adjectives to make the story interesting!

Picture 1