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Introduction to French at KS1

In Year 2 pupils are introduced to French culture through looking at maps and flags, by playing a range of French games to memorise simple vocabulary such as colours as well as by sampling a range of French food. 


Entitlement at KS2

At Whitehouse all Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils are learning French every week.  Mimes, quizzes, games, videos, songs, stories and role plays ensure that all learning styles are catered for.  As a result French is an inclusive and engaging subject in our school which is accessible for and enjoyable by all.  Beside working on the 4 skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) children learn about French culture by celebrating key French festivals and by cooking and sampling French food. 


A wide range of topics is covered throughout the 4 years which encompass greetings, colours, numbers, family, birthdays, family, opinions, countries, school life as well as shopping.   In addition to acquiring practical communication skills pupils have the opportunity to reinforce the grammatical knowledge they have acquired in their own language when literacy notions such as "nouns, singular, plural, verbs, adjectives, connectives, conjunctions and subordinate clauses" are referred to in French lessons.   



In Year 3, the language focus is on acquiring good pronunciation as well as learning useful memorisation strategies so that children can build up the confidence to deliver a short role play in front of an audience.  


From the onset, students are made aware of the importance of gender and number - singular and plural - in French.  In Year 5 pupils are also taught that un/une/des and le/la/les as well as word endings provides clues as to genders.  


In Year 5 and 6 the emphasis is on taking part in longer conversations and on producing longer texts which feature adjectives, contain opinions and reasons as well as a range of connectives such as "et, ou, mais and parce que". 

Year 3 and 4


Year 3 and 4 have learnt some French greetings, how to introduce themselves in French and ask someone's name. We have used role play with hats, scarves, a tie and sports props! We can ask someone how they are and respond.


In French ask someone at home how they are - teach them how to reply!


  1. va? -- ça va bien. Comme ci comme ça ça ne va pas


We have begun to learn the names of simple nouns for things in the classroom/school and for musical instruments.


Have a go at this game of Bingo - you will recognise some the of the French words and learn some new ones!


We have been learning to count to ten with Bof!


Play this number matching game to practise your French numbers!


We had fun tasting French food and drink and writing comments about what they tasted like. We really enjoyed the wine (grape juice!). We also tasted Port Salut and Camembert cheese with baguette and croissant. For dessert we tried madeleines; tasty French cakes made with almonds and eggs and butter.

Colours and objects


This term we have learnt colours and the names of some classroom objects. Can you match the colours up on this interactive game??

Year 2


Year 2 have been finding out where France is on the map and how we might travel there.  We have found out what the flag looks like and we have also been learning French greetings. 


Can you match these greetings?



Bonjour!                              Bonne nuit!                   Hello!                     Bonsoir!




                       Salut!                                       Au revoir!                            Goodbye




This term we have been learning the colours in French. Can you match up these colours on the interactive game?

Days of the week


Recap days of the week with Jazzy Jeff and his crazy song!


French Food Tasting


Year 2 have been learning about food names. We finished off the term with a French food tasting. We tasted cheese, croissant, madeleines and grape juice!