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Music is embedded into everyday life at Whitehouse Community Primary School. All children take part in weekly music lessons which aim to develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding through active listening, singing, instrument playing and the use of musical ICT.


Music Express is used as a tool for ensuring progression from Nursery through to Year 6, teachers adding their own lessons and ideas as appropriate, for example to link with a particular topic.


Through their practical work children learn about:

- Beat and tempo

- Pitch

- Musical Form & Structure

- Dynamics

- Texture & Timbre


In addition to dedicated weekly music lessons, children explore sound in their classes through use of voices and instruments, perhaps to illustrate a story or in a role-play or drama setting and through use of ICT programs.


Songs are sung throughout the day for a variety of purposes, e.g. as part of a topic, as part of classroom organisation and for fun. We hold weekly key stage singing assemblies. Listening to music and singing are a regular part of daily assemblies.

Our fantastic choir is getting ready to perform in the O2 as part of the Young Voices 2018 Concert.


Follow the link below to our Choir page to practise the songs and dance moves!