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Welcome back to our new school year.


This is always an especially exciting and busy time of the school year.

There are lots of new people, experiences and activities to explore and get to know.


We are  really pleased with the way in which both our new Nursery friends and our Nursery friends from last year are all settling in together and making both our morning and afternoon sessions such happy, learning environments for everyone. 


The children have been very busy exploring the nursery rooms and garden and all the resources. We have gently introduced the routines of Hello, Story, Tidy up and Snack time. The children are quickly learning the action songs that help tell us when the next part of the session is about to happen. Do ask your child if he/she can sing .....'I'm showing empty hands'!


We hope that you are all now starting to access your child's Learning Journal through Tapestry. Do let us know if you have any problems with this.


The Photographs Day went really well, lots of lovely smiles from the children and you will soon be receiving the finished prints.