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Democracy is a strong feature at Whitehouse Primary and our School Council is playing an increasing part in informing and influencing decision-making within the school.  


At the beginning of September, each class elected a peer whose role is to represent their views at the School Council.   This year our School Council members are:  Theo, Harvey, Alicia, Ellis, Julia, Oliver, Tia, Freya, Ava, Jaya, Lennon, Harrison and Frankie.  


Classes also chose a Deputy who attends meetings when School Council members are unable to.  

The School Council is run by Mrs Shalka.  Members are elected for a year and meet every Wednesday.  So far this year, members have worked with their class to feedback their views on:


  • fundraising ideas for the Children in Need charity event
  • school rules and behaviours
  • school clubs - including lunch time
  • golden time activities


(scroll down to the bottom of the screen to access to the Minutes of the School Council Meetings).


This year, our School Council has welcomed the Town Mayor and taken part in Assemblies. 

They have taken part in an Assembly about Democracy. 

During the Democracy Assembly, members of the School Council demonstrated how to vote to their KS2 peers.