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01-03-2021 Information on Full Reopening of School

1st March 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


As you are aware, the government has announced that schools will reopen to all pupils on Monday 8 March. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming back all of our pupils to face-to-face education then.



From 8 March, school attendance will be mandatory and our usual rules on attendance will apply.

As a reminder, your child should self-isolate and not come to school if they:


  • Have coronavirus symptoms or have tested positive
  • Live with someone who has symptoms or have tested positive
  • Are a close contact of someone who has tested positive


In line with the latest government guidance, pupils who are clinically extremely vulnerable should not attend school. If your child is in this group, they should continue to learn from home until further notice. Please ensure that we have a copy of their shielding letter.



Our Safety Measures

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make sure all of our pupils can return to school safely. A copy of our latest, detailed risk assessment can be found on our website:


Children will continue (where possible) to be educated in a class ‘bubble’, and within a year group ‘pod.’ Each pod will have separate break and lunch times and bubbles will be in zones within the same area.  There will be no bells across the school as bubbles will be working to different timings.


Only one parent/carer of children in year groups up to and including Year 5, are to drop off their children at school and are to leave the school site immediately, please do not wait by classroom doors, on school grounds or at the school gates. Face coverings will need to be worn by all adults on the school site. In addition, please ensure that you also adhere to the school timings, walk on the left of the paths and keep 2 metres from all families and staff. 


Nursery children to enter via the Marlow Road path and children to enter via the green gate into the Nursery outside area. Morning Nursery - children to be dropped off at 8.30am and collected at 11.30am / Afternoon Nursery - Children to be dropped off at 12.15 pm and picked up at 3.15 pm.


Reception children to enter and exit via the Marlow Road car park, Puffins class are to enter the gate next to the main office and Seahorse and Starfish classes are to enter the school through the hall doors. One parent / carer / relative to accompany each family.   Children to be dropped off at 8.55am and collected at 3.00pm (doors open at 8.45 am).


Children in Year 1 to enter via Marlow Road onto the KS1 playground (entrance is next to the bungalows, and just to the left of the main school entrance).  Children will enter the school next to Highfields Nursery when the doors have been opened. Children in Elephants will be collected at the end of the school day from the main hall (playground side), children in Lions from the bottom of the school playground and children in Giraffes from the door next to Highfield. One parent / carer / relative to accompany each family, please follow the one way system in place on this playground. Children to be dropped off at 8.50am and collected at 3.05pm (doors open at 8.40 am).


Year 2 children to enter via Marlow Road path or Waterford Road path and walk to the Year 2 classrooms. One parent / carer / relative to accompany each family, please walk on the left. Children to be dropped off at 8.50 am and collected at 3.05pm (doors open at 8.40 am).


Year 3 and 4 children to enter via Marlow Road path or Waterford Road path. One parent / carer / relative to accompany each family. Parents/carers are to drop children off. Children to be dropped off at 8.40 am and collected at 3.10pm (doors open at 8.30 am).


Year 5 children to enter via Marlow Road path or Waterford Road path. Parents/carers/relatives are allowed to drop off at the classrooms but where possible please try to encourage your child to walk through the school grounds by themselves and meet them at the main gates at the end of the day. Children to be in class by 8.40am and will be released from class at 3.10pm (doors open at 8.30 am).


Year 6 children to enter via Waterford Road car park entrance on their own and walk to their classrooms. Children to be in class by 8.40am and will be released from class at 3.10 pm (doors open at 8.30 am).


Westbourne children are allowed to pick up their siblings, up to and including Year 4, but their friends are not allowed to accompany them. Westbourne children are not allowed on site to meet their parents/carers who may be picking up a child.


If children are late to school or need to be picked up early, then parents/carers need to go to the Marlow Road office and wait until a member of staff comes out to talk to you. Please try to avoid this and phone in advance.


Parents/carers will not be allowed to enter the school building unless a meeting has been pre-arranged.


School gates across the whole school will be locked at 9 am. Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time.


During the school day

  • When the children return to school, please ensure that they have any necessary medical equipment with them, for example inhalers or Epi-pens.
  • Breakfast clubs will continue, but in 3 separate locations for children up to year 2 (not including Nursery) Marlow Road hall, years 3 and 5, and year 4 and 6 Waterford Road entrance (children will be kept in their year groups within breakfast club and encouraged to keep a 2 metre distance).
  • Children will need to bring their own filled water bottle into school, this needs to be clearly labelled. We will re-fill water for the children.
  • Whilst we will continue to focus on literacy and numeracy every morning, the afternoon curriculum will focus on all other subjects. We believe that the children need a broad and balanced curriculum that supports their mental health on their return.
  • Children will wash their hands regularly during the day, such as when they arrive, before and after break and lunch, and after they have been to the toilet. Posters have been displayed around the school to remind everyone.
  • Windows and doors will be open as much as possible to ensure good ventilation.
  • Children will sit 2 to a table, side by side, and tables will be in rows as opposed to groups of tables.
  • Children will have their own tray/resources wallet with their own stationery. Children should only be bringing essential items to school: water bottle, reading book and lunch box (small bags are permitted but no toys etc.)
  • Regular cleaning will take place every break and lunchtime in each classroom, and between lessons in toilets and other communal areas.
  • Children will wear school uniform unless it is a PE day when they will need to attend school in their school PE kit on the days they have PE.
  • Play equipment will start to be used on a rota for one bubble at a time. Please do not allow your children to climb on the equipment before or after school.
  • At lunch, children can still choose a pick and mix, hot school dinner, or bring a packed lunch. Some children will be eating in their classrooms or the school dining hall. They will remain in their bubbles.
  • Children can take reading books home. When changed, the books will be cleaned at school before another child borrows one, in line with the risk assessment.
  • Assemblies will take place virtually in classrooms to avoid large gatherings.
  • Adults who teach in different pods will be able to continue to do this following social distancing guidance outlined in the government guidance, this will be kept to a minimum. For example, Mr Jordan will continue to teach PE throughout the school. Staff will be undertaking regular lateral flow testing.
  • There will be no after school clubs in the spring term but we are planning to try and organise some for the summer term when the weather improves. Gym Trails will be organised within the school day.
  • Volunteers will not be able to come into school until further notice.
  • Adults who are not based in school e.g. music teachers, social workers, speech therapists, will continue to come into school, following all social distancing guidelines and school protocols.
  • If a family travels to school on public transport they will need to wear a face covering in line with government guidance:


Lockdown has been a challenging period for all of us, and we would like to thank you for your continued support during this difficult and uncertain time. If you or your children have any concerns about returning to school, or if you think your child might need extra support, please get in touch by emailing


We would also like to thank you for all your support in helping your child learn from home. If your child has borrowed a school iPad, please can they return this on 8 March. We will continue to keep in touch if we update our plans or if we need to make any changes due to government guidance.


Kind regards,



Mrs Andrea Hall