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05-01-2021 Critical Worker and Vulnerable Children

5th January 2021


Critical Workers and Vulnerable Children


Dear Parents/Carers,


We are aiming to open the school on Wednesday 6th January for vulnerable children and children of critical workers.  In order to do this, we will need parents/carers to email the school by 1.00 pm today to notify us if their child requires a school place, so that we can quickly organise new bubbles. Please email,  and provide evidence of your job role, so that we can check this against the published criteria. We will endeavour to provide as many places for the children as possible that is safe to do so.


Children attending school in KS2 will have a similar learning experience to those children working on line at home, as we intend to set all lessons on Google Classrooms. Please be aware that some classes may be supervised by either TAs or HLTAS. It is important to note that we cannot guarantee children attending school will be taught by their current teacher, as many teachers will be providing lessons on Google Classrooms and responding to children’s work. 


We are aware some families may not have the resources to support on line learning and we are in the process of obtaining iPads for some children, so that they can access the work – please be patient with this.

More information will be sent home today regarding the set-up of the new systems, online learning expectations and free school meals once more information has been published by the government. Our first step is to ascertain how many children will be in school so we can write a new risk assessment and put in the necessary safety measures.


Finally, it is important at this difficult time that we continue to be kind to each other as this is what will get us all through the next 6 weeks of lockdown.

Thank you for your continued support,



Mrs A Hall