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05-11-2020 Latest Covid Update

5th November 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope this letter finds you well. I am sure you will have seen in the news, England has now moved into a second National lockdown which is different to the last lockdown experienced earlier in the year when schools were open for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. This time, schools will stay open for the four weeks of lockdown that is set to last until the 2nd December. Last night, the government sent a document detailing changes for schools. I have read this document carefully and would like to highlight the key points for families:

  • Children at primary school do not need to wear face coverings (this remains the same as previous guidance).
  • Schools should restrict all visitors to the school (this is part of our current risk assessment).
  • Children and staff, who are considered clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV), and have received a letter from their doctor/specialist must not attend school – home learning will be provided. Please inform school as soon as possible if you have received a CEV letter for your child.
  • Clinically vulnerable children and staff (CV) can attend school.
  • If a child or adult lives with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV), they should attend school.
  • When undertaking singing, children need to be 2 metres apart and this should take place outside where possible (this is already part of our risk assessment).
  • Ventilation is key – windows must be kept open, if it is cold a high window should be opened slightly and the rooms properly ventilated when empty during breaks (this is already part of our risk assessment). Additional clothing can be worn when it is cold. Therefore, please ensure that the children have additional warm clothes through the winter months.

We are committed to providing the very best education for the children at Whitehouse, however at this point it is important to make parents aware that the school is currently under considerable pressure. Some staff members currently have Coronavirus and some are isolating as they have been in contact with a confirmed case. With the additional guidance provided last night this will add further pressure on the school, as we also have several staff members who fall into the clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) category and will need to work from home. Schools can only stay open as far as it is safe to do so. If we find that we do not have the capacity to keep all classes open safely, I will have no alternative but to implement a short-term partial closure. I would like to avoid this but the health and safety of everyone on the school site must come first.

Please can we ask parents to not send their children to school if they have any symptoms of Coronavirus. If you are in any doubt, it is best to book a test.


Symptoms are:



The school needs to be made aware if your child has symptoms. We are aware that children need to be in school to learn, however Coronavirus is an invisible virus and we all need to work together to keep the school open. So, please can I ask that you do not get cross with staff if they send children home because they are concerned that they may have symptoms. Coronavirus is having an impact on the staff and families in our community, some of whom have become very poorly.


It is now more important than ever that we work together to do all we can to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible. Let’s all look out for each other.


Thank you for your continued support,




Mrs Hall