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11-06-2019 Clean Air Day

11th June 2019

National Clean Air Day – 20th June 2019



Dear Parent/Carer,


Our school is taking part in National Clean Air Day on the 20th June 2019.


We have partnered up with Ipswich Borough Council during the week who will be visiting the school to deliver a workshop on air quality. During the workshop, children will learn about the sources of air pollution around schools, how air pollution affects them and what they can do to improve local air quality and protect themselves from pollution. We will also be working with officers to conduct an educational anti-idling campaign aimed at motorists outside the school gates.


We also are taking up the opportunity to participate in a five-day ‘Clean Air’ challenge between 17th – 21st June, that will see each pupil who walks to and from school every day get a free 10-day pass at one of the Council’s sports facilities and the chance to win a free 1 month iCard.


In light of the above, we would love as many children and parents as possible to walk to and from school during the week, however you can also cycle or scooter if you prefer and still take part in the challenge! Please try and leave your car at home. If you really can’t come without the car then perhaps you could park a little further away and walk the last bit or car share with another family. Bikes and scooters may be left in the bicycle or scooter racks.


Why? Children all want the right to walk to school safely, with fewer traffic jams and less toxic fumes in the air.


We know time is short, but the benefits of active travel are numerous:


  • Children arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn.
  • Air pollution levels are cut down, improving the quality of the air that we breathe.  
  • Congestion and parking issues are solved which makes the environment safer for children.
  • Children learn vital road safety skills that will prepare them for the day they will walk, cycle or scoot to school on their own or with their classmates.
  • Walking is free and you can see more of your local area


We will be asking the children each day to fill in a class grid so we can find out which class was the most Eco friendly!


Happy Clean Air Day!


Yours sincerely,



Mrs Andrea Hall