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13-06-2020 Year 6 School Opening / End of Term

17th June 2020


Dear Parents/Carers of Year 6 children,


Thank you so much for your understanding and patience regarding your child’s return to school which took effect from 1st June 2020. We have been very pleased with the way that the children have adapted to the many changes and the increased safety measures put into place.


As from today, and as outlined in my previous letter, we are not accepting any more children into Year 6 and pods across the whole school will now be locked. Therefore, following a review of our risk assessment we will now be able to increase the Year 6 school offer to four days for all classes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will remain a deep clean day for the safety of the pods.


From Monday 22nd June, there will be four bubbles, Chameleons (Mr Moore), Tigers (Mr Taylor), Toucans 1 (Mrs Hawkins/Mrs Shalka) and Toucans 2 (Mr Johnson). The children need to go to their usual classroom that they have been assigned to over the last two weeks apart from Toucans 1 who will need to go to the Music room; the children know where this is and it will be accessed via the Waterford path. Please can I reassure parents that no group will be larger than 15 children in line with government guidance. All other safety measures remain in place as previously explained. It is the expectation that all children who have requested and secured a place attend school all four days. Please notify the school office if your child won’t be attending school due to this change.


In addition, the children’s last day in class will be Friday 17th July. All parents and children will then be offered a final socially distanced meeting outside on Monday 20th July or Tuesday 21st July with their child’s class teacher to discuss their end of year report and to provide an opportunity for the children to say their final goodbye. We hope that this will enable the children to have a positive end to their final year in primary school during this unprecedented time. Dates and timings for this will be advised in due course.


Thank you for your continued support and for the many positive comments we have received. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Greggor (SLT Pod Leader) or myself.


Kind regards,



Mrs Hall