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15-09-2020 Year 1 Local Walks

15th September 2020


Walk in Local Area



Dear Parent/Carer,



This term our enquiry question is ‘Where do I live?’  To make the children’s learning real and relevant, we are going on a walk around the local area.  During the walk, the children will be encouraged to look out for several landmarks and will start to understand about distance and direction.


The walks will take place as follows:



Giraffes Class – Monday 21st September

Lions Class – Tuesday 22nd September

Elephants Class – Wednesday 23rd September


The children will be leaving after lunch and we expect the walk to last around 30 minutes. Please ensure they have a waterproof jacket in school that day.

If you have any questions at all please speak to your child's teacher.



Thank you.

The Year 1 Team