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16-01-2019 YR - Reading Challenge

16th January 2019


Dear Parent / Carer,


The Reading Challenge


Thank you to all the parents/carers who joined us today for our Shared Reading Session. If you missed this week, please do not worry as we have good news! You can now join us in class every Wednesday at 2.30pm to share a story with your child. Please arrive at the Reception gate and sign in at your child’s class.


Today your child was given a book that you can keep at home. We hope you enjoy discussing this story.


We are pleased to announce we are introducing a Reading Challenge to encourage shared reading at home. Our long-term aim is to encourage children to read for pleasure at home. We have created a fun way you can do this, which will also benefit them at school.


Today you will notice there is an additional sheet in the back of your child’s Reading Diary. Teachers will use this to record how many times a week you are reading together at home. We are encouraging you to read 5 times a week with your child. If your child is able to do this, they will win a small prize.


In addition to this, if you continue to read 5 times a week for 5 weeks in a row, your child’s name will be entered into a competition. One child from each class who has completed this challenge will then be picked at random to win a book token. All children who completed the 5 weeks will receive a certificate. This will be celebrated in our end-of-term assembly.


All we need you to do is continue to read with your child and write in the Reading Diary, the date you read, who listened to your child and a short comment about their reading. We appreciate how busy many parents/carers are, so reading can also be done over the weekend. The class teachers will check each week and put a stamp on the sheet.


We hope that you will get involved with the Reading Challenge. We will be continuing to monitor your child’s reading and their progress made.



Thank you for your support.



Mrs Pycroft, Mrs Mahoney and Miss Tempest

(EYFS Teachers).