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16-05-2019 Y6 Auditions

Thursday 16th May 2019



Year 6 Auditions



Dear Parent / Carer,



For the last half term of year 6, the children rehearse and then perform a production.  We will be holding auditions for parts on Wednesday 22nd May and will notify the children of the part they have been given on Thursday 23rd May. 


During audition week, children will be asked to act out a small section of the script on stage in front of their peers. They will be able to indicate whether they would prefer a small, medium or large role on stage or to be part of the behind the scenes team. If they wish to be considered for a leading or singing role, they must sing a verse of a solo piece.


When we decide on the allocation of roles, we will consider stage presence, confidence and ability to act and sing. A panel of adults from Year 6 will jointly assess this and allocate roles.


Please note we will be taking into consideration any planned holidays during term time, current attendance and behaviour of the pupils. As a result, please can you inform us of any planned holiday as soon as possible.


Once roles have been allocated, they will not be changed unless there are unforeseen circumstances. 


In order to be part of the Year 6 Production, children must be free on the 17th and 18th of July for the evening performances. 



Thank you for your continued support, 






Year 6 Team