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17-12-2018 Y4 - Victorian Day

Monday 17th December 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

We begin the Spring term with the topic: ‘How was life different for a Victorian child?’


As an introduction to this, we are planning a special day of activities on Friday 4th January. To help the children get into role, we are asking them to come to school dressed as a poor Victorian child.


Below are some simple suggestions about how this can be achieved without buying or hiring a costume.

We hope that the children will learn lots about what it was like to be at school in the 19th century and that you will enjoy working together to organise a simple costume. If you have any questions, please come and speak to one of us after school.


Thank you for your continued support,


Year 4 Teachers.



Victorian costume ideas

Please note that these are suggestions and don’t all have to be used.


White blouse with long dark skirt – black, brown, grey – and white apron, cap, a shawl or scarf round shoulders, black or white tights or knee length socks, dark ankle boots or school shoes, long hair in a bun or in 2 plaits with ribbons.

To make an apron: take a white pillowcase, make a 4cm snip straight down the middle of one of the open ends and cut across from the base of the snip to each side until you have created straps that you can use to tie it around the waist. Evaluate waist size before cutting - method described above looks best, but if it won't be long enough, make a couple of holes in the sides of the pillowcase and use a belt or ribbon or some such threaded through the holes to tie it on.

For a cap, a white circle of fabric with a running stitch of elastic around.



Long plain dark trousers (could raggedly cut off bottoms if they are too small) or shorts, an old white shirt- cut off the collar, sleeveless jumper or dark coloured waistcoat, grey socks, school shoes, flat cap.

Could tuck trousers into long socks.

They often wore hand-me-downs so any suitable man’s clothing would be fine too.