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18-06-2020 Year 5 Return to School

Thursday 18th June 2020


Dear Parents and Carers of Year 5 children,


Thank you for notifying us of your decision to send your child back to school. We are now in a position to safely open the Year 5 pod following an update to government guidance. This is not something schools across the country have to do but as a school we feel it will be very beneficial for your children to reconnect with the school before the summer break so they can continue their learning. Please ensure that you read the following guidance very carefully and discuss this with your child before they return to school.


Year 5 (POD 5) lead SLT member Miss Till


For those parents who have requested a school place for your child in Year 5, the children will start back at school on Monday 22nd June – Friday 17th July. The school offer will be for four days a week for four weeks: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It is the expectation that all children who have requested and secured a place attend school all four days. Wednesday will be a deep clean day for the POD to ensure the safety of everyone.


There will be four bubbles in Year 5 (no more than 15 children):

              Bubble 1 – Mrs Gelling and Mr Bradford (Jaguars classroom)

              Bubble 2 – Miss Bias and Mrs Arnold (Lemurs classroom)

              Bubble 3 – Mr Miles and Miss Horne (Red Pandas classroom)

              Bubble 4 – Mr Trimmer and Mrs Manning (Badgers classroom)


Children will be expected to wear school uniform when they are in school. In Year 5, children will have a choice of a pick n mix lunch or their own packed lunch (washable lunch box/bag required). Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer hot dinners at this time to Year 5. All the children will eat in their bubbles, in their classrooms, to avoid additional movement around the school. They will then have time to play outside within a dedicated zone for their bubble. During lunchtime, the children will be supervised by their Teaching Assistant who will remain with their bubble all day. Two toilets have been allocated per bubble which are clearly labelled for the children. Regular handwashing will be encouraged throughout the day. Children need to bring their own water bottle with them. Water will be provided for them at school.


We know that lots of our children in Year 5 walk to school by themselves. If they don’t, we would advise parents to encourage their children to walk the school paths by themselves to their classroom doors as this will reduce the number of adults on the school site and ensure the reduction in the spread of the virus. Senior Leaders will be on playground duty. Please do not arrive too early at the school or gather outside the school in groups.


General information for the whole school


As I am sure you will appreciate, it has taken time to work out all the safety measures for the school. We are aware that this plan may not be ideal for some families but we have worked hard to put together the very best school offer that puts safety first, during this unprecedented time we find ourselves in.


For everyone’s safety please can we ask everyone to follow this advice:


  • Only one parent may bring their child to school
  • No parent is to enter the school building, including the school office without prior arrangement with the Headteacher
  • When collecting and dropping off at school, please stay 2 metres from the class doors/teachers
  • When moving around the school site, please walk on the left
  • Please ensure your child is on time to school so that they can enter the class. We cannot allow the children to walk through other entrances in the school as all PODS will be working separately:


                       EYFS – 8.55 am – 3.00 pm              Year 1 – 8.50 am – 3.05 pm

              Year 5 and 6 – 8.40 am – 3.10 pm        Key Workers – 8.00 am – 3.30pm


  • It is crucial that any adult or child displaying coronavirus symptoms does not attend the school site in any capacity.
  • All children must bring in their own drinks bottle that is clearly labelled.
  • If your child is unwell or they cannot attend school on a particular day allocated, please notify the school (normal absence arrangements apply).
  • Avoid bringing bags, paper and books to school from home (no pencil cases)


When children return to lessons, time will be dedicated to discuss the recent pandemic to support their well-being. We will also be following our Year 5 curriculum. Please be aware work will continue to be available online for all children working at home. As we confirm more details, we will of course keep you updated. Our absolute priority is to maximise the safety measures needed, to reassure our children, staff and families that it is safe to return to school. We will continue to review our practices and will not hesitate to change these if new advice or guidance is forthcoming.


If parents change their mind and decide not to send their children to school, please contact as soon as possible. If you have not received a text confirming which bubble your child is in, please do not just send your child to school as lots of careful planning has been put in place to ensure social distancing can be adhered to. Thank you for your understanding.


We look forward to seeing Year 5 return to school on 22nd June.


Thank you for your support,



Mrs Andrea Hall