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19-10-2020 Covid Information

19th October 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


As we move towards the half-term break, I am writing to reassure everyone in the school community about the measures we are taking during the Covid-19 pandemic to support the children and families at Whitehouse Primary School.


Firstly, the school has a very extensive risk assessment that all members of the school community have been made aware of. This can be found on our school website: This risk assessment details all the actions that the school is taking to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. We are aware that cases of covid-19 are rising across the country, so we all need to do our very best to follow the guidance of HANDS – FACE – SPACE at all times:


As I am sure you are aware, closing classes is the last thing a school wants to do, however any decision around Covid19 is based on Government and Public Health England guidance. There has been much speculation on Facebook and through email about the information that has been sent out regarding the closure of the Year 4 classes, including the length of time children have to isolate. Any time frame that is shared with parents is based on an individual’s contact point with a positive case. In addition, the school does not have any control over the length of time it takes for a test to be confirmed. Please be reassured the school will act as soon as this information is received, and occasionally this may be on a weekend. However, it is important this information is shared immediately for the safety of everyone. Under data protection rules, it is not possible for the school to state who has tested positive.


In addition, please can I remind parents and carers to use social media responsibly as a number of our parents have been upset by the comments made about the school and the inaccuracies they have read. Please do contact the school if you have any queries about the measures taken and we will endeavour to respond in 24hrs. This may be longer over a weekend.


Finally, Suffolk is currently a TIER 1 area (medium risk), more details can be found here about the restrictions in this area: 


Thank you for your continued support,




Mrs Hall