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21-01-2020 Year 2 Grandparents Lunch

21st January 2020


Grandparents Lunch – Year 2


Dear Parent/Carer,



At Whitehouse we understand the importance of families and we are excited to let you know that throughout January and February we are holding Grandparent Lunches.


On Friday each week we will be giving the opportunity for Grandparents to come into school for a Fish and Chip lunch which they can eat with their grandchild in a specific Year Group.


Year 2 children would like to invite up to 2 Grandparents to come in at 12.10pm for lunch on Friday 7th February. This will need to be booked and paid for in advance using the reply slip below.  It will not be possible to eat with other grandchildren in school that day, but they are of course welcome to come in again when another year group are taking their turn.


The money and booking form must be returned to school by Friday 31st January at the latest.


We hope families will enjoy this experience and thank you for your continued support.


With regards



Mrs A Hall




Name: _______________________________      Class: ______________________________



We would like to book _______ Grandparents to come in for a school dinner on Friday 7th February 2020.


Any Dietary needs:____________________________________________________________


We enclose £3.47 for each adult meal.   



Signed (Parent/Carer)_______________________________________________________