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22-11-2018 YR / Y6 - Height and Weight Measurements


West Ipswich School Nursing

01473 242166


Dear Parent or Guardian,


Measuring the height and weight of children in Reception and Year 6.


Across England, children in Reception and Year 6 have their height and weight measured by the School Nursing Team as part of the National Child Measurement Programme. Your child’s class will take part in this year’s programme. These measurements are taken because we want to understand how children are growing across the county and to help children be as healthy as they can possibly be.


Children are weighed and measured at school in a private area away from other pupils and are supervised by trained health staff.


As well as the weight and height of your child we will also record their name, sex, address, postcode, ethnicity and date of birth. We will enter the results on your child’s confidential Child Health Record and send you the results for your child within 6 weeks of measurement.

We hope you will agree that your child can join this programme. If you are happy for your child to be weighed and measured, you do not need to do anything further. If you do not wish for your child to take part in this year’s National Child Measurement Programme, please contact 01473 242166 within 14 days of receipt of this letter. Children will not be made to participate if they do not want to.


The overall programme results will be submitted for national analysis and publication. All information and results will be treated confidentially, and no child’s height or weight measurements will be given to school staff or to other children.


We hope that you will agree on the importance of a child’s weight and how it can affect their health. As part of this year’s programme we are working in close partnership with Suffolk’s healthy lifestyle provider, One Life Suffolk, who are supporting families across the county. As part of this process, information from the National Child Measurement Programme may be shared with One Life Suffolk and may also include follow up contact with parents. One Life Suffolk will use your school contact details to offer additional support if needed. If you do not wish for your child’s measurements to be shared with One Life Suffolk, please contact 01473 242166 within 14 days of receipt of this letter.


For further information on the programme including tips for healthy eating and being active please visit



Yours faithfully, Abdul Razaq

Director of Public Health and Protection

Sue Cook

Director of Children and Young People’s