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23-11-2020 Free School Meal Vouchers

23rd November 2020


Free School Meal Vouchers

Dear Parent / Carer,



As you may have seen in the media recently the Government will again be assisting families over the Christmas period where their children are entitled to Free School Meals.


We have now received confirmation that, for all children who receive Free School Meals, a supermarket voucher, for the value of £30 per child, will be sent to parents/carers to cover the holiday period.  Please note this does not apply to children who receive Universal Infant Free School Meals, unless they have successfully applied for Free School Meals.  More details on the vouchers will follow shortly.


We are aware that, due to the pandemic, many of our families are experiencing a change in their personal circumstances and we would encourage you to apply if you have recently begun to receive Universal Credit or experienced a lower level of earnings.


You can apply online at the following link and will receive an instant decision:


Our office staff will be in touch with all families who are entitled to assistance shortly to check we have the correct email contact information for you to ensure an effective transfer of vouchers to you once they are available.


Thank you for your continued co-operation.


With regards



Mrs A Hall