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24-03-2020 Covid-19 - Update for Parents

Tuesday 24th March


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you to the many parents and carers who have expressed their gratitude over the past two days for the childcare provision that we have put in place in school to safely care for our vulnerable children and the children of critical workers who cannot be safely cared for at home.


Our most recent Ofsted report stated 'the level of care that the children receive in school is outstanding' and I am proud to say that even in these difficult times, this has shone through in the way our staff have responded to an ever changing situation.


As well as providing work for all children to access at home, our staff have gone above and beyond to put in place the emergency childcare provision in school.  Other staff have been busy hand delivering work to families in the community where needed and providing school meals to eligible children.


Following the Prime Minister’s instruction yesterday evening that we must all take the necessary steps to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed, please can I reiterate the following information:


Schools only remain open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers who cannot be safely cared for at home.


We must work together to reduce the risks to children and their families, and to staff and their families of contracting and spreading coronavirus.


We have risk assessed our childcare provision and whilst we cannot eliminate all risks, we have put in place many measures to minimise the risk.  It is vital that children and parents/carers abide by the measures we have put in place to ensure everyone’s safety as far as is possible. Please be aware that in order to minimise risks as much as possible, key workers may be asked to provide verification from their employer that their role is essential and that they cannot work from home.  Where there is another parent/carer working at home, it is advisable now for children to stay safely in the care of that parent/carer wherever possible.


As a committed and dedicated staff, we will continue to do all we can to support the families who need our support at this unprecedented and most challenging time.


Thank you for your support in recognising the lengths that staff are going to, to ensure the country can continue to provide essential services to us all.


I hope you and your family staff stay safe at this difficult time.


Yours sincerely,



Mrs. A. Hall