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25-03-2020 Homework Update - Coronavirus

25th March 2020


Homework Update – Coronavirus


Dear Parents/Carers,


Last week, staff at Whitehouse ensured that homework was put in all homework books in preparation for the school closure and sent home with the children on Friday. For all families who had self-isolated or whose children were poorly, our dedicated staff visited homes on Monday to drop off any homework books/sheets that had been left in school.


In accordance with the Prime Minister’s instruction to the nation on the evening of Monday 23rd March, we are no longer allowed to deliver homework as this is not classed as essential travel and would put staff and families at an increased risk of the spread of Coronavirus.


Please be reassured that teachers will add homework to the website weekly at 10.00 am on Mondays (class pages). In addition, we will be adding a weekly homework newsletter to the website every Friday which provides parents with lots of ideas.


Year 1:


Year 2:


Year 3:


Year 4:


Year 5:


Year 6:


Thank you for your continued understanding and stay safe.