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28-01-2020 Year 2 Love of Reading Parent/Carer Session


28th January 2020



Year 2 Love of Reading Parent/Carer Session



Dear Parents/Carers,


Reading is a very important part of the day at Whitehouse Community Primary School and Year 2 would like to invite parents/carers into school for a ‘Love of Reading’ session on Thursday 27th February at 2.00pm.


This session will enable parents/carers to learn how we teach reading at Whitehouse.  The children will show their parents/carers how they are learning comprehension and the type of activities they are working on and what they need to complete by the end of the school year.


Due to space restrictions, we can only invite one adult per child. We are pleased to offer hot chocolate and marshmallows to all in attendance.


Please return the reply slip below by Friday 14th February so we know how many adults will be attending.


Thank you for your continued support.



With Regards


Mrs Gooch, Mr Hayward and Miss Waters

Year 2 Teachers


Please return by Friday 14th February


Childs Name_____________________________   Class ______________________________________


I *will/will not be attending the Year 2 ‘Love of Reading’ Session on Thursday 27th February at 2.00pm

*Delete accordingly


Signed (Parent/Carer): __________________________________________