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29-11-2018 Y4 - Christmas RE Day

Thursday 29th November 2018


Dear Parent/Carer,


On Tuesday 18th December, we will be having a Christmas RE day in Year 4. During the morning, we will explore the question: What is the most significant part of the nativity story for Christians today? We will discuss the symbols we see during Christmas then think about the symbolism found in the Nativity story. As part of this, the children will make a Christingle and understand its meaning for Christians today.


Children of other faiths may create a piece of art to symbolise a special day in their own religion if you do not wish them to make a Christingle.


Following on from this, we will be taking the children to a Christingle service in the afternoon at St Thomas the Apostle church on Bramford Lane, walking from school to the church and back again. We will be back in time for the children to leave as usual at 3:10pm.


If you also wish to attend the Christingle, we would love to see you there. We hope the service will start at 1:45, depending on lunch time running smoothly. The church can hold about 150 so there should be room, although there may not be seats for all.


Please return the slip below by Monday 10th December, giving us permission to take your child to St Thomas for the Christingle service.


If you have any questions regarding the visit, please arrange to speak to your child’s teacher after school. Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely



Year 4 Teachers (Mrs Fountain, Miss Verrall/Mr Trimmer, Mrs Hawkins/Mrs Wassermeyer)


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Name of child: _________________________________ Class: _________________

I give permission for my child to be taken to St Thomas the Apostle church on Tuesday 18th December for a Christingle service. I understand that he/she will be walking to and from the church from school.


Signed: _____________________________ (parent or carer)

Date: _____________________