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Activities to do during school closure

On this page you will find links and ideas of activities you can do with your children during the school closure. A lot of these activities are ideal if you and your child are feeling anxious about the current situation we all find ourselves in. 

We will try and update this section regularly as we find things that we think you may find useful. 


Childline's  'Calm Zone'- Includes lots of ways to help you feel calmer. Find out what works for you. There are lots of breathing exercises, activities, games and videos aimed to helping you let go of stress.  


The World of David Walliams- free audio stories for you to listen to 


'The Little Mouse had to stay in the House' A story aimed at 3-7 year old to help them understand why they have to stay at home during the COVID19 pandemic

Cosy Time- A story written to help younger children to understand the over 70's Isolation

Ways to Help Your Child to Calm Down

25 Day Drawing Challenge