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"Breaking the Mould" Day - Friday 27th November 2020

At Whitehouse, we are committed to ensuring that all the children's rights contained in the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of Children, are upheld and respected in our setting.


  • As part of our Rights Respecting School journey, promoting equality and respecting diversity in school, as well as beyond, has been identified as one of our top priorities again this year.


With this in mind, a special day was organised on Friday 27th November to enable all our children to:

  • celebrate the achievements of people in the public eye no matter how different they might be
  • become more aware of differences between people and develop a non-judgemental attitude towards them
  • use a common and respectful language to refer to individuals who might be different
  • see differences in the world as enriching
  • give pupils the confidence to be themselves even if that means being different
  • provide children with the courage and perseverance to overcome obstacles they might face on their way to becoming who they are


Each year group had to provide pupils with lessons to raise awareness of 3 to 4 "Protected Characteristics" as contained in the Equality Act 2013 which our school is bound to comply with by law:

  • age
  • disability
  • gender reassignment
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • race (colour, nationality, ethnicity or national origins, caste)
  • religion or belief
  • sex
  • sexual orientation


Early Years decided to focus on Disability, Gender and Race. Please find below some of the lovely resources they used.


Friends Forever signing song -

The pirate of kindergarten

The Ice Queen and her wife

A rainbow of friends

The Crayon Box that talked

All Are Welcome

If your happy and you know it (greetings in other languages)


index (


They built Elsa's castle out of plastic cups.


They did frozen jigsaw puzzles and made friendship bracelets out of beads.


They played orientation games in pairs with an eye mask on.


They learnt how to say Hello in different languages.



to be continued...