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Career Day - Friday 16th March 2018


The Pupil Survey of the Autumn Term enabled the school to gather useful information about what the Whitehouse children wanted to be when they were older. 


This information was used to contact potential business guests in the New Year through parents, staff and Governors.  A letter was also sent to local entrepreneurs in early February. 


Aim High Career Day took place on Friday 16th March.   31 guests representing 23 different local organisations and businesses came to Whitehouse Community Primary School to speak to our children about their jobs and the career opportunities within their sector.  



They were joined for lunch by two of our Parent Governors.  



All our 16 KS1 and KS2 classes visited 8 guests each in the course of the day whilst our Early Years classes only saw 2 to 3.  


A wide range of professions were represented at the event which reflected the breadth of interests and life goals of the children within our school community.




Feedback from pupils


  • It was different going round and meeting all of the people and I learnt a lot.
  • It was educational and fun. I most enjoyed it when the people (that came in) gave us facts about where they work.
  • It was exciting to see what jobs you can get.
  • I enjoyed asking lots of questions and I got loads of interesting answers for all of the jobs.
  • All the guests were very friendly and helpful and they told us everything we wanted to know like their everyday jobs and we loved it.  I want to turn back time and do it all over again. I’m amazed by all the effort our visitors went through.  An excellent experience that I’ll never forget!  Thanks to all the people who came to this event.
  • The reason why I enjoyed the day is because you got to meet different people and learn about different jobs in case you might want to be one when you are older.
  • I think it really lifted people’s spirits to see how they can complete their dreams.
  • It helped us get an idea of what we might be when we are older.  Nice to meet people who have our dream job. 
  • They (guests) were kind and helpful and now I know what I want to be when I’m older and I start work.  I am going to be a Doctor so that I can help people.
  • I learned that jobs can be difficult and it’s helped me choose one for when I’m older.
  • I got to meet lots of new people and learn about their jobs and it made me think about want I would want to be when I’m older.
  • If I was to recommend a career day for other schools, I would recommend the same guests.

Feedback from Staff



  • It was well organised, engaging, varied and good for children of all ages.
  • Children behaved really well moving from one place to another.
  • Pupils …. offered appropriate questioning without prompting.
  • It was exciting for the children to learn about jobs that they would never consider, and there was a wide spread of jobs to interest them.  Having 30 mins slots meant that pupils were rarely bored.
  • It introduces them (children) to ideas that we don't always have time to cover (in lessons).
  • (Such events) give our children a broader understanding of the Wider World.
  • It is good to bring the whole school together rather than as totally separate phases.

Feedback from Guests

  • I was very impressed by the organisation of the event and the kindness and hospitality of pupils and staff.  We all felt very welcome.
  • The pupils were extremely well behaved and even managed, despite their enthusiasm and excitement, to put their hands up every time they wanted to speak!
  • Very high level of pupil  engagement, demonstrated by very sensible questions being asked.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in such a wonderful event.  Would love to come back to your school again.
  • It was a fabulous idea executed so very professionally, the organiser and the school should feel very proud.



    Next Steps    


From the feedback and suggestions received from pupils, guests and teachers, the following steps were identified:


  • Plan a whole school event every term which complement and/or extend what is happening in the Academic Curriculum.  Suggested themes include: Environment Day, Art Week, Commonwealth Day, Health and Safety Week (personal hygiene/First Aid), British Values Day, Multi-Faith Day.
  • Invite parents to at least one of those events.
  • Staff to work as a team to identify opportunities for guests to enhance what is happening in the Academic Curriculum by attending assemblies, delivering workshops to particular classes, facilitating pupils’ visits to their place of work or by coming to mentor our older students.
  • Keep guests within the same phase all day (KS1, LKS2 or UKS2) and let them know the age range of the children to help them pitch accordingly

How can I support my child at home make career plans?



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