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Dough Disco

Dough Disco is a great activity for helping the children in Dolphin Class to develop their fine motor skills. It strengthens the muscles in their hands and develops hand-eye co-ordination which will later enable them to hold a pencil correctly and use it effectively. These are essential skills that they will need to be able to later write.

Dough Disco

Shonette Bason is the creator of 'Spread the Happiness' and founder of Dough Disco. In this video Shonette demonstrates her Dough Disco moves.

Dough Disco - If You're Happy and You Know It!

An easy to follow Dough Disco routine. Have fun and enjoy joining in with all the Dough Disco moves!

Dough Disco - Down in the Jungle

Get up on your feet and bust a move on the dance floor with your playdough! This Early Years Emily Dough Disco routine incorporates both fine and gross motor skills to get your child ready for writing! Get those funky fingers dancing to the beat :)