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Welcome to the Dragons!

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Class Teacher: Mr Fenelon

Class TA: Mrs Jackaman



Congratulations to my wonderful Dragons. For the second week in a row we have won the attendance cup! This week with 98%, what a fantastic start to our year!

Poem of the week!

Every week our class will learn a new poem by heart.

Can you perform for your parents our latest poem?



In need of some repair,

six point seven billion

careless owners.

Lovely views of the galaxy,

possible renovation project.


Owners seek exchange

with similar elsewhere

in universe.

Must have sun.

Plenty of money for

a shiny new model

with ozone layer.

The Alien by Roger Stevens


On my way to school I saw an alien.

No you didn't, said Billy.



The Alien

Peter Piper


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper

Did Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper?

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,

Where's the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?

1,2,3 Father caught a flea


1,2,3 Father caught a flea,

He put it in the tea pot to make a cup of tea.

The flea jumped out,

Mother gave a shout,

and in came Billy with his shirt hanging out!


I wish I was a pirate.


I wish I was a pirate

with a long beard hanging down

a cutlass hanging from my belt,

my teeth all black and brown.


A parrot on my shoulder,

a patch upon one eye,

a pirate ship to sail on 

and a pirate flag to fly.

 Animal Orchestra     Julia Donaldson


Hedgehog hums.

Squirrel strums.

Badger bashes on the drums.

Bulldogs blow

High and low.

To and fro goes bison's bow.

Turtles toot.

Hippos hoot.

Cool koala plays the flute.

Crayfish croons

Catchy tunes.

Crab and lobster play the spoons.


Big Fat Budgie

This week we have been learning ‘Quack’ said the Billy-goat by Charles Causley. Not only have we learned his poem but we had a go at writing our own version. Check out our English page for some of our versions.

'Quack' said the Billy-goat