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This week we have been learning to use adjectives in our poetry writing. We have been writing poems about the weather; the sun, the rain and the snow!


Can you think of some adjectives to describe

The ......... sun

The ......... rain

The ......... snow


We have been leaning to retell 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'


In our towns food falls from the sky three times a day, breakfast lunch and dinner. Everyone is happy until the weather starts to become more stormy...


Can you tell your parents your version of the story?


Cloudy with a Chance of ....



Remember to use your actions, Once upon a time, first, next, after that, and, so, but, finally.


We have been concentrating on forming our letters correctly.


Have a go at writing all of your letters starting from the right place.


Extra challenge: When you have finished, write their Capital Letter Counterpart!

October and November


We have been learning about VERBS! 


Can you tell your parent what a verb is?


Read my bossy verbs. Can you say these verbs in an instruction?

WB 23rd October


Over the last 2 weeks we have been learning all about the story, The Jolly Postman. Linked with our wider curriculum topic we have been learning about addresses and letters. We have written to the Big Bad Wold and asked him some questions about his behaviour!


Can you have a go at writing your question at home. Don Forget; what punctuation mark comes at the end of a question?  

WB: 5th October 2018


We have been learning how to write descriptively. We have been learning how to use our adjectives in an expanded noun phrase.


We write our adjective in front of our object (noun). 


The thick oozy mud.

The deep cold river.

The narrow gloomy cave.


Can you have a go at writing an expanded noun phrase to describe the bear?

WB: 24th September 2018


We have been learning about adjectives. The children have been thinking about what describing words they can use to describe the pictures. 


Can you have  ago at home at writing some adjectives in a sentence to describe the pictures?

WB: 24th September 2018


We have been learning the poem 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'


Can you recite it at home to your brothers or sisters?

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt