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In Reception for our English we use the Talk for Writing approach to develop children's language and writing.

What is Talk for writing?


Talk for Writing is an approach we use to develop children as readers, writers, speakers and listeners. Children develop their story telling by using repetitive language and actions to support telling stories.


Talk for writing builds on three stages which can be adapted for the needs of all children.

Imitation - The children learn to tell the story using story maps and actions.

Innovation - The children change aspects of the story such as a character, setting or an event to change the story slightly.

Invention - The children invent their own stories to tell verbally and begin to use written form.


This approach was developed by Pie Corbett.


Who is Pie Corbett?

Pie Corbett is an English educational trainer, writer, author and poet. He has had He is now best known for creating the Talk for Writing approach to learning, which is widely used within UK primary schools.

Pie Corbett telling the Little Red Hen Story

What can you do to help?

'Talk for Writing' begins and ends with enjoying stories and reading books. We encourage all parents to read with their children every day.


Below we have the stories and story maps that we have used so far this year. Please look at these with you children and encourage them to tell you the story using the story maps.