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Here are a list of some of the books that your child has read at school this half term. If you have the story at home you could read it again. We enjoy reading stories more than once in Starfish Class. It helps to build confident readers. 

Book List

Book List 1
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We have started learning digraphs. This is when two letters make one sound. So far we have learnt /sh/ /ch/ /th/ and /ng/. 
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You can play this game at home. You have to see if you can match up the sounds to the letters. 
As we learn more phonics sounds we are thinking of putting these letters together to make words. We are beginning to read simple words (CVC words). You can practice these at home. You chop up the word to hear the sounds. If you have any magnetic letters you can spell out the word by putting the letters on the phoneme frame. 

Can you chop up /c/a/t/ and /a/n/t/?

Can you chop up /c/a/t/ and /a/n/t/? 1
Can you chop up /c/a/t/ and /a/n/t/? 2

Sound Talk Bingo

Sound Talk Bingo 1

Sound Talk Bingo is a game we play in Phonics. You have to chop up the word and see if you have the picture on your board. For example n/e/s/t -nest   i/g/l/oo- igloo.


You can play this at home with your child. Can they blend the sounds together to hear the words? 

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