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ACADEMIC YEAR 2017 - 2018



In KS1, pupils learn about cultures and languages in lessons as part of our new enquiry-based curriculum.  They also have the opportunity to find out about foreign food, songs, playground games and languages when they attend the newly formed Rainbow Club which is run by Mme Godet / Mrs Shaw and takes place in the Frogs class every week.  


KS2 pupils have weekly French lessons on a rota with other foundation subjects such as ICT, RE and PE and can also attend the Rainbow Club if they wish to.   


KS2 Curriculum

A wide range of topics are covered throughout the four years which encompass greetings, colours, numbers, days of the week, months, birthdays, family, opinions, countries, weather, school life, as well as shopping.   In addition to acquiring practical communication skills pupils have the opportunity to reinforce the grammatical knowledge they have acquired in their own language when literacy notions such as "nouns, singular, plural, verbs, adjectives, connectives, conjunctions and subordinate clauses" are referred to in French lessons.   



In Year 3 and 4, the language focus is on acquiring good pronunciation as well as learning useful memorisation strategies so that children can build up the confidence to deliver a short role play in front of an audience.  


From the onset, students are made aware of the importance of gender and number - singular and plural - in French.  In Year 5 pupils are also taught that un/une/des and le/la/les as well as word endings provides clues as to genders.  


In Year 5 and 6 the emphasis is on taking part in longer conversations as well as on producing paragraphs which feature adjectives, contain opinions and reasons as well as a range of connectives such as "et, ou, mais and parce que". 

French Skills Progression 2017 - 2018

French in our school.



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