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Autumn 2 Homework

Thank you to everyone who made such great efforts with their digestive systems! We have put them on display in the dining room for everyone to see.


Here is the homework for the next half term; it's all connected to our new topic of Were the Dark Ages dark?

You have to bring in one piece of work a week but you get to choose what you'd like to do!

There are a number of points awarded for each piece of work and prizes at the end of term for whoever has the most points. We hope you'll enjoy this different way of doing homework - we can't wait to see what you'll be bringing in!

Where Does My Food Go Homework

Due in: 17th October 2016 (may be bought in from 10th October onwards)

This half term, we’ve been learning all about the human digestive system.

We would like you to spend the next 4 weeks planning and creating a 3-d model of how our food goes from ‘chewing’ to ‘pooing’! You could also include a written description to help us understand the process.

You need to include all the organs (see the diagram if you’re stuck).

Think carefully and talk to your family about what you have in the house which you could use, e.g. pasta, pipe cleaners, wool, felt, socks, paper or plastic bags, cereal, etc

Any questions – see your teacher!

Year 4 Trip Announcement 

On Monday 31st October Year 4 will be going to Sutton Hoo (  Sutton Hoo is a world famous Anglo-Saxon burial site that is just outside of Woodbridge (a 30 min coach ride!).  This trip will help us with our next topic which is called 'Were The Dark Ages Really Dark?'.


The children will take part in guided activities including Sand Tray Archaeology and take a guided tour of the historic site.


See the below letter for more information about the cost of the trip and what the children will need to bring.


If you have any questions about the trip please fell free to come and have a chat with Mr Gifford or Mrs Fountain.