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Geography News 2021/2022

Our Geography Learning Autumn 1


This term some year groups have linked their Enquiry question to a Geography topic. 


Year 1 - Where do we live? Children will look at what maps are, maps of the school and what our local area is like. 


Year 2 - What was life like living in a castle? Children will look at castles that are located close to where we live. 


Year 4 - Who were the Anglo Saxons? Children will look at where the Anglo Saxons came from and where they settled. 


Year 5 - What was life like in Ancient Greece? Children will be investigating where Greece is and how it is different from where we live.  


Year 6 - What effect do natural disasters have on everyday lives? Children will investigate tectonic plates, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes as well as human impacts on different areas of the world.