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Hello and welcome to the Giraffes in year 1.


Class teacher:  Mr Fenelon


Class TA:

Mrs Wilcox (daily)

Ms Johnson (mornings)







Well unfortunately we had to give the cup up this week, but hopefully with a better attendance next week we will be able to win it back again.

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Congratulations Giraffes, our attendance is up and we finally won the Weekly attendance award! Let's keep it up for next week!

Coming soon! 


Reading Challenges!


Part of trying to encourage the children to read more at home the class is initiating a reading challenge. Every time you read at home get mum or dad to record it in your reading record, you will earn a sticker for your chart! If you earn the week's magic number of stickers you will earn an extra play time on a Wednesday afternoon. So my super star readers, let's get reading! 

Some of my super star readers are already earning stickers for their chart and are enjoying extra play time, so come on my reading heroes let's get reading!

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Word Challenges

We are introducing word challenges to help the children learn to read high frequency words on sight. Often these words are tricky to read as they cannot be sounded out. The children will be tested on these words and will receive a certificate and small prize when they have learnt all 28 words in the booklet. In total, there are 5 books.

These will be put in the book bags so that the children can practise reading the words at home. Please ensure that the children bring their book bags to school every day.


Let's become superstar readers!

Why not have a look in our maths and literacy pages to see what we have been learning.


Keep an eye on them for updates.


Phonics Practise - Recall Phonemes and Tricky Words Early Phonics (Phases 2, 3 and 4)

We have been revising our phase 2 and 3 phonics and tricky words.


Here is a video from to help you practise at home.


Hello everyone, I am the Mathmagician Monkey. I've come all the way from the Amazon to give Geoffrey a rest for a while.


I'll be coming home with some of you so that we can look at some exciting maths together, like: how many houses can we see from your house, how many stairs do you have in your house, how many cars can we count on the way home or can we find any 3D shapes where you live. What I really like are number sentences, perhaps we can write some together.

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The Big Numbers Song

Can you spot your Tiger Tens and Unicorn Units?

Well done to all of our Giraffes for giving three brilliant performances of the Christmas Jigsaw Nativity show. I'm sure all of the parents that came to watch would agree that your singing, dancing and acting was top!