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AUTUMN TERM 2017 -2018


In Year 3 children learnt how to say and write hello and goodbye in French.



In Year 4, children looked at greetings from around the World.


Firstly, they learnt the following song.



Secondly, they worked as a class to match the words with the country flags.


Then they had to match the greeting words with the correct country by linking them to their respective flags.

Students then worked in small groups to come up with gestures which people use to greet each other.  This could be in our country, around the World or in the old days. Pupils then came to the front of the class to demonstrate how it was done and we took pictures. 

The following lessons, pupils were asked to create a poster which summarised what they had learnt.

In Year 4, children revised how to greet people in French and learnt extra vocabulary so that they could perform a little conversation in French. 


They started by learning a song. Click on the link below to hear it.




This is the vocabulary they learnt.

They played the following games to practise the vocabulary.

In the 2nd lesson, pupils prepared and practised a dialogue in pairs which they performed in front of their peers.  This provided great opportunities for children to reflect on their learning through self and peer assessments.   Examples of self and peer assessments to follow soon....