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Dragon Class Timetable 1

Volcano Lesson.

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In Geography have been learning all about Volcanoes and how they are formed.
As a class we tried out a practical experiment; mixing bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and red food colouring. Did the result look like an erupting volcano? See for yourself!

Using an 'Empty Number line' to subtract.

We have been using 'Bar Models' as a visual stimulus to help us add and subtract.

How does the skull protect our brain?

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In Science, one area we have been studying is the function of the skeleton. To demonstrate to the children how our brain is protected by our skull, we performed an experiment.
Each small group were given an egg to protect - this represented our brain inside the skull. The pupils were then given a selection of materials, with which they could use to try and create a protective 'helmet'. Working in groups the pupils tried to see if they could make a helmet safe enough to withstand a 'crash'. Have a look and see how they got on.

More footage from our Science experiement.

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Some photos from our Year 3 Share afternoon. Thank you to everyone who came.

In our Literacy lesson, we used Role-play, to act our a news report. Some pupils were 'Anchormen', others were 'Reporters' and some pupils were being interviewed. Can you guess who is who?