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Learning In Year 2



Please have a look at these pages to find out what the children have been learning in Year 2 and how you can help at home.



In English we are reading a story called The Princess and the White Bear King. It's a fairytale with beautiful description and detail which we are developing in our own writing. In the story we read about a Princess who dreams of a beautiful, golden crown and she meets an enormous bear who can help her find one.


Look at some of the description in the story:


the snow falls bride-white 


the gold of the crown was brighter than the sun itself


Can you use beautiful language to describe a crown? Look at this one which the Princess dreamt of; can you describe it?



During our maths lessons we have been learning about different measures and how we can estimate, read and understand different scales. We have used electronic scales to measure weight, measuring jugs to measure capacity and rulers to measure length. It has been great fun!


Look at some of the learning we have done.

We really enjoyed using the ipads to learn about measure. If you are able to, try visiting this fantastic website to look at the different maths games there are for learning about measure. 


The children even used a QR code to access the website!