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Link with the Nanyuki School in Kenya

Message from Mrs Greggor



In the Autumn Term, Tiger Class supported a school in Nanyuki in Kenya (Africa) during their Golden Time on Fridays.


Pupils sorted out unwanted books and resources which were no longer of use to us in UKS2.  Our Librarian, Mrs West, also sorted out old library books and we have 2 large boxes ready to be sent to the children of Nanyuki.   Whitehouse children have also donated things from home - pens, pencils, even shoes! 

The reason I have a link with Africa is because I have a friend who has gone to live there as her husband has had a posting with the RAF.  She has been hugely moved by the lack of resources in village schools.  See below.  Anyway,last summer, I sent a lot of things to her on my own but when I was showing the children at Whitehouse, they were keen to help too.  



The picture below is of the children holding up the things I sent them in the summer.


My contact Wendy has said the children from NANYUKI school will write back to us. My class and I feel passionate about this charity and we are going to talk to Whitehouse pupils and staff to decide the best way to provide further help to the school and keep the friendship link going between our two schools.


If you want to know more about what life is like in Nanyuki, click on the link below.