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Made a Difference Club

The "Make a Difference" Club has been created to enable any pupil in Y4, 5 and 6 to develop valuable life skills such as empathy and citizenship whilst improving their social, communication and leadership skills.


This club would suit individuals who want to make a difference around them by working with the whole school community to make things better for people living in the Whitehouse area.


This might involve:

- carrying out investigations for example looking at litter or traffic problems in the Whitehouse area

- designing questionnaires

- carrying out and analysing surveys

- meeting with Governors, councillors and local business to pitch ideas

- writing letters to official people

- designing posters to put round the school

- writing articles to go in the School Newsletter



The club will have a difference focus every half-term depending on the needs of the school.


In Autumn Term 1, we will be looking at how to improve Road Safety in our community by training Junior Road Safety Officers.