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Read the tens and ones and shoot the right ball to score a basket!


Follow the link below.

Have a go at forming you numbers correctly! Can you bring it into school to show your teacher?

Have a go at singing our 3D shape song!

Have a go at telling someone which coins are which!


Can you add up the amounts to see how much money you have in each piggy bank?



We have been busy in maths over this half term. We have been recapping on all of oour place value knowledge, patitioning our numbers into 10s and 1s using Tiger tens and Wombat ones, learning about money and how to make amounts and getting better at our counting.


Can you sing along to this video counting in twos? 

Counting by 2s

Shark numbers - follow the link to play the game



We have been learning to use our place value knowledge to add and subtract.


Have a go at drawing your  Tiger Tens and Wombat Ones to solve my number sentences.





Have a go at subtracting. Remember to cross out the Tens and Ones you are subtracting.

October and November


We have been learning about the place value of our numbers. We have been making numbers using our Tiger Tens and Wombat Ones to represent how big or small they are.


Have a go at:

Reading my numbers

Writing the numbers as Tiger Tens and Wombat Ones

Turning my Tiger Tens and Wombat Ones into  numbers again.



We have been learning to subtract.

Have a go at solving these subtraction number sentences. Use the number track to prove your answer.



10 – 4 =

7 – 3 =

6 – 5 =

4 – 4 =

9 – 8 =

2 – 0 =

5 – 4 =

10 – 7 =

8 – 6 =

WB: 24.09.18


We have been learning how to add two numbers together.


Have a go at picking two numicon and adding them together. Can you write it as a number sentence?

WB 17.09.18


We have been learning how to make 10 in different ways. We call these our number bonds to 10.


Can you sing the number bond song?