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29/6/2020 Measure

Multiplication & Division 15/6/2020

Addition and subtraction 8/6/2020

Division 18/05/20

Ordering Numbers

Multiplication 27/04/20




Place Value


Have a go at playing these games all about place value. Can you remember how to partition a 2 digit number into tiger tens and wombat ones? Can you order numbers from the smallest to the biggest? Challenge yourself and try larger numbers. Feel free to try lots of other Maths games on the website.




Weight and Mass


Go to and select week 1. This is a really good revision of weight and mass that we have previously covered. There is a lesson for each day, watch the video and try to answer the questions.


Counting in 2s


Watch the Jack Hartman video. 

You should sing along as loudly as possible and dance as crazily as you like.

When you are done, count things around your house in twos. Then write out numbers in twos as high as you can.