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This page will be updated with content we have been learning in school. There will be links to fun games to play and challenges for you to do at home.

June 2017

We have been learning about odd and even numbers.


Can you splat the square to show the odd numbers in blue

and the even numbers in green?

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May 2017

This week we have been learning about measures.


We have learned about weighing mass in kilograms,

measuring length in centimetres

and measuring capacity in litres.


Have you got a ruler? Can you measure some objects at home to find out how long they are?


Have a go on our mass and capacity games.

May 2017


We have been learning about time this week. We have been looking at o'clock and half past the hour.


What do you know about clocks?

Can you draw the hands on my clock?

Picture 1
Picture 1

March 2017


We have been learning about number families. Have a go at connecting the number families in your Easter homework books. If you complete them bring them into school!

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Picture 2
Picture 3

March 2017


Welcome to our array city. We have been learning all about multiplication and how to make arrays to calculate multiplication. 

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Picture 2


We have been learning more about numbers and their value.

Can you sing the big number song all the way to 100?

The Big Numbers Song

We have also been learning about how to represent numbers using pictures.


Challenge! Can you work out if these statements are true or false?


We have been learning about money.


Can you tell someone what coins these are?

Picture 1

Have a go at some coin rubbing. It is great fun. Which coins can you get onto your paper?

How much money is in my piggy bank?

Add the coins together to find out! 


Hint - write down how much each coin is worth.


We have been learning how to count in blocks of ten. This helps us when we are counting larger numbers and making larger numbers with Dienes.


Have a go a counting my Tiger Tens and Wombat ones. Can you turn them back into numbers?



During the Christmas holidays, why not play some of the games on the website below to keep practising your maths skills...Don't forget to tell your teacher all about the maths work you have been doing when you come back to school in January.

WC: 07.11.16

This week we have been learning how to subtract. The children have been working in pairs to generate subtraction number sentences and they have been learning how the largest number always goes first.


Here are some subtraction number sentences. Can you solve them?

Use objects to help you, count out the largest number and take away the next amount. How many do you have left?


10 – 3 = __

 8  – 5 = __

12 – 6 = __

 9 – 3 = __


18 – 3 = __

16 – 6 = __

22 – 4 = __

WC 31.10.16

We have been learning about addition and how to make and write number sentences. Count out objects to find the total.


Can you solve my number sentences?


3 + 4 = ___

6 + 2 = ___

9 + 4 = ___

3 + 5 = ___


__ + 4 = 10

__ + 3 = 10

9 + __ = 10

2 + __ = 10


Here is a fun addition game: Funky Mummy

Can you make the Mummy dance?


Picture 1


Here is a fun place value game to try your hand at: Shark Numbers.


Remember to count your ‘tiger tens’ and ‘wombat ones’ carefully.

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This week we have been learning to use Dienes to represent our numbers. This has helped us in our learning about the place value of a number. We have learned about tiger tens and wombat ones.

We have been completing different place value activities including; a challenge game, where we create a two digit number with place value cards and our partner creates it in Dienes to match, a Dienes challenge on the IWB and generating two digit numbers before creating them with Dienes.


Have a go at writing my numbers in your Tiger tens and Wombat ones.


13, 15, 18, 22, 26, 35, 44


WC: 26.09.16

We have been learning about our number bonds to 10. Can you sing the song for your mum and dad? Sing it to the tune of Frere Jacques:

1 and 9            1 and 9

9 and 1            9 and 1

Chorus:       We put them all together,       we put them all together,

they make 10,            they make 10.

2 and 8            2 and 8

8 and 2            8 and 2


3 and 7            3 and 7

7 and 3            7 and 3


4 and 6            ​4 and 6

​6 and 4            6 and 4


5 and 5             5 and 5

​5 and 5             ​5 and 5


0 and 10            0 and 10

10 and 0             10 and 0


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WC: 19.09.16

We have been learning how to order our numbers. Have a go at the caterpillar ordering game.

Picture 1

We have been learning to count carefully.

Remember our rules to be successful!

Picture 1

Can you count the objects.