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MFL News 2022/2023



Around the World in EYFS - Spring 2 - 22-23

More information about this exciting event coming soon.


Spanish / Portuguese Club - Spring 2 - 22-23

Ms Fathers and Mme Godet are delighted to be able to offer a Spanish and Portuguese Club this term. Ms Fathers spent several years living in Barcelona in Spain and loves sharing her passion for this wonderful language with others.


Please visit their webpage to find out more about this wonderful opportunity.


Y4 French for the Family - February / March 2023


It was wonderful to welcome 45 parents/carers to the first two Y4 French for the Family workshops this year. Children and their loved ones enjoyed learning French alongside each other and sampling the wonderful croissants, pains au chocolat, gaufres, crêpes and brioches.


Participants particularly enjoyed sharing a learning experience together and the wonderful camaraderie between adults and children. The feedback we received was that parents/carers would like more cultural events like this.


As a Rights Respecting School, we are always keen to act on children and parents’ feedback and have exciting cultural events planned for the remaining of the year.



Y5 CET French Theatre Day - Friday 23rd June 2023


All the schools in the Children Endeavour Trust met in early September and identified 3 areas which they would like to focus on this year.


  1. harmonising the KS2 French Curriculum throughout the Trust (coverage & assessment).
  2. enhancing the confidence of non-native speakers in teaching MFL
  3. raising the profile of language learning and culture throughout our schools


The team felt that a creative and holistic whole-trust approach was required to address Point 3 and it was decided that this could include a Y5 whole-trust Theatre Day which Whitehouse was happy to organise and manage. It was felt that besides promoting British Values and enhancing SMSC provision, it would provide a genuine opportunity to enhance Children’s Rights within its fold.


The French play entitled “Parlez-Vous Français”, will be performed by a theatre company called Onatti Production which is well-regarded by UK language teachers for the quality of its performances. 


Proposed schedule



We continue to use a language programme called 'Language Angels' to help us in our French lessons.  There are lots of informative powerpoints, fun games and easy to learn songs. 


So far this year, Year 3 learnt how to greet each other in French and in other languages. They also have practised naming colours, days of the week and numbers 1-10. 


Year 4 pupils children have been building on their existing knowlege. For example greeting each other in French as well as saying how they are.  They have also recapped numbers to 30, colours, provided information about themselves (age, name, birthday) as well as learnt fruits and vegetables.

They are currently learning how to provide opinions on a range of topics.  


In Year 5, students have been practising how to spell their name using the French alphabet as well as taken part in a longer conversation about themselves.

This term, they are learning about the weather and how to link it with the months of the year to produce longer sentences.  


Year 6 have learnt about schools and compared the English and French school systems and practised giving school instructions. stationery items and colours were also used to review the notion of gender and number, to learn about the place of adjectives in French and to get acquainted with the notion of adjective agreements.

This term, Y6 pupils are learning about the school subjects, timetable and talking / writing about their favourite subject.

Learn how to greet each other in French by watching these videos.


A French display in Year 3.