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Monday 9th November

Spot the difference

Spot the Difference 


Can you spot the 6 differences between the two pumpkin pictures.

Use your words to explain to your grown up what is different.


e.g. "This pumpkin is orange, but this pumpkin is green"


Good luck!

The Three Little Pigs Storytelling

We are learning to be storytellers and tell the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' off by heart.

We have been practicing this all last week. I have attached the short version of the story, which we have been learning.

Can your child practice telling the story, using the actions we have learnt for 'once upon a time' 'early one morning' 'fortunately' 'unfortunately' 'the end' 'pig' and 'wolf'.


I have also added the link to our favourite Three Little Pigs song, which we learnt last week. 


Have fun!

Phonics - hats on heads h h h

Today's phonics sound is h


Hats on heads h h h


Hat, helicopter, horse, hedgehog, hand, house and happy all start with a h.


What other words can you think of which start with a h?


Practice writing the letter 'h' and play 'Happy Horses' on Education City. 


 Have fun!