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Music News 2020/2021

Music News Autumn 2020/21


With the Autumn term in full swing, the children at Whitehouse have enjoyed resuming their music lessons where they are learning to develop a range of skills. 


Early Years


In early years, the children have begun to develop their music through singing which is being woven into all their learning. Specifically, they have been learning to sing and perform some classic rhymes such as ‘Pat-a-cake’ and ‘This Old Man’.


Year 1


Year 1 have started the new year by learning the song ‘Hey You’. They have been learning to listen carefully and are being encouraged to give their opinion. The children enjoyed learning the song, clapping along to find the pulse and are beginning to use simple instruments to play along with the track.


Year 2


The topic in Year 2 this half term is castles. Their music learning has been based around the song ‘Castle On The Hill’ by Ed Sheeran. The learning has ranged from listening and appraising to using their voices to clearly sing and play percussion instruments to accompany the track.


Year 3


In Year 3, children are spending the lead up to Christmas learning the Christmas song Ho Ho Ho. The song blends together both rapping and singing to develop their understanding of pace, pitch and rhythm. 


Image: Digidreamgrafix. Used with permission under the following license:

Image: Digidreamgrafix. Used with permission under the following license:


Year 4


In Year 4 this half term, the children have continued to learn their instruments through the County Music Service. Across the different classrooms in the year group, the children have either spent their lessons beginning to learn to play the flute or the violin.


Year 5


This half term in music, Year 5 have been learning to understand notation and develop their musical understanding. The children have begun to understand how each musical note across the stave. Their music work this half term links with their learning on Greece.


Year 6


Children in Year 6 this half term have been combining their knowledge of World War 2 with the musical world. In lessons, the children have been learning to sing songs linked to the war and nurture their understanding of different musical terminology by linking these to the different sounds and feelings associated with the 1940's.